Tuesday, 29 January 2013


In this image it has a lot of colour, greens, browns, whites and black. When i edited the image i went into adjustments in photoshop and went into vibrance, i wanted the colours to pop out more.

Also this image has a lot of colour, its just like the petrol colour alot of colours going on in the lens. When i was editing this image i used Contrast.

This is a example of my depth of filed, in this image the focus is all on the sewing machine and the flowers are not in focus.

And this is the same picture but the flowers are in focus, when i edited these photos i used the same adjustments. I used brightness and contrats. It makes the image more pop out than the orginal.

This is my  Linear Perspective image, when i edited this photo i used vibrance, making the grass look really green and its pleasing to the eye. I also used brightness, making the sun beems look brigher than they actually are.

This image is just my example of lines, its only a back of my college copy and when i was colouring in a picture it made this pattern. When i edited it i used colour blanace and made it look more yellow so the lines could be more noticeable.

Again more my example of lines in photography, and also it is MAC lipsticks! I only used vibrance in this image, all the lipstick colours look so bright!

In this image is rule of thirds, i used levels in photoshop to edited this image.

This image is my example of symmerty.  Again i used vibrance adjustments, make it look colourful. Vibrance is def my favourite adjustment.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Just got my nails done yesterday at my aunt's nails ''bar'' at a reasonable offer too! She is on facebook heres the link if you want to check her out http://www.facebook.com/la.nails.355?ref=ts&fref=ts Heres a picture of my nails, i wanted to go for somthing simple.
Its a nude pinky colour, she does all different nails and u can make your own desgin too, whatever it may be to block colour,3d effect, glitter etc. Her nails start at 25 euro. Check her out!