Tuesday, 12 March 2013

 Justin Bieber flips off paparazzi 2013

Losing it after passing out onstage last night (and then tweeting a shirtless photo of himself in his hospital bed), this morning in London Bieber flipped out on a photographer, reports pretty much every gossip outlet. Bieber was leaving the hospital when his bodyguards shoved waiting paparazzi out of the way. One cried assault and started cussing Bieber out. Bieber responded in kind, lunging at the photographer and screaming that he would "[bleeping] beat the [bleep] out of you."
I am a fan of Jusin Bieber, but he shouldnt have done what he did. I do see where he comes from he does get a lot of sh*t his way but thats no way to handle it and showing up late for his conecerts that people payed and waiting for hours to see is just not on either. I also heard that a girl wanted to take a picture with him and she was waiting 3 hours to see him and he said to her ''I dont have the time'' Maybe the fame is getting to him a but too much!

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